Satoshibaba Affiliate Network

What is Satoshibaba?

Satoshibaba is a U.S. based e-commerce company that sells cool products only with 25+ cryptocurrencies.

We are on a mission to spread the use of cryptocurrencies on online shopping.

So we will never accept credit card or paypal etc. payments.

We only believe in crypto.

Join the best Affiliate Program on earth.

Anyone can join in any country!

We share 50% of our profit with affiliates.

Our average profit is 14%. This means we share 7% of total sales price with affiliates.

3 Level MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

This means you have a huge opportunity to earn a lot of bitcoins on autopilot.

Commission Structure:

4% 1st Level Network Commission

2% 2nd Level Network Commission

1% 3rd Level Network Commission


You invited your friend Jessica.

Jessica invited Elon.

Elon invited Bill. (Elon is 1st level, Jessica is 2nd level, You are 3rd level for Bill.)

So, when Bill pays for shopping:

  • 4% of the total price goes to Elon (1st level)
  • 2% of the total price goes to Jessica (2nd level)
  • 1% of the total prices goes to you. (3rd level)

If Jessica (or someone who are in your 1st level network) buys something,

you will get 4% of the total price.

If Elon (or someone who are in your 2nd level network) buys something,

you will get 2% of the total price.

That’s how 3 level affiliate network works. Yes, it’s profitable and makes it easy to make money on autopilot.

Weekly Payouts

We pay weekly in BTC. No questions will ask. You can always check your earnings, referrals etc. in the affiliate dashboard.